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Lux Quartz Vietnam Co. Ltd is one of the prime quartz manufacturers in Vietnam. We specialize in supplying all types of premium quartz slabs, prefabricated quartz tops for commercial and residential projects. Lux Quartz offers a large choice of striking surfaces made to rejuvenate interiors, in harmony with nature.

Made from carefully selected quartz and certified resin for contact with food and a healthy environment, resistant to flexion, abrasion and acids, Lux quartz is the ideal solution for outstanding performance surfaces, commits the triple reassurance of safety, beauty and longevity.

Our quartz surface factory produces large formats of 128” x 73” x ¾” or 1 ¼” thick slabs, which you can fabricate and install on various surfaces. Whether you are looking for high-quality tabletops or kitchen countertops, Lux Quartz is dedicated to optimizing your level of satisfaction by bringing you a prominent range of offerings.

Our preparatory mass production line makes us capable of supplying 70 to 80 containers every month for mono colors


Why Choose Our Quartz Stone Company?

New-Age Business Solutions: We ensure quicker delivery and an array of color schemes for you to choose from. Our dynamic range is perfect for all kinds of indoor uses.

Premium Quality Standards: We are capable of promising and delivering high-quality products. Each slab (big or small) is intricately inspected by our professional QC Team to provide the highest possible quality.

Top-Notch Accreditation and Inspection:  We test and provide NSF certificate of our products so that you enjoy full transparency.

Hi-Tech Equipment: Our cutting-edge production line facilitates precision-based products and can easily manufacture up to 80 containers, ensuring bulk supply in the process.

If you are looking for a reliable quartz surfaces provider to give your home or hotel an attractive appearance, choose us and we will deliver. Get in touch with Lux Quartz today.

As one of the top quartz manufacturers in Vietnam, we specialize in the production of prefabricated quartz slabs of the highest possible quality. Our customers are located all over the world, and we are known for offering premium quartz slabs of different colors, textures, and sizes at prices that are among the most affordable in the industry.Research and new product development are at the forefront of our thinking. It helps us to stay up with the demands that the industry has placed on us and to satisfy those needs. Our tightly knit technical team consists of engineers and technicians who are fully prepared and equipped to undertake any job in accordance with the requirements outlined by our customers. The quartz slabs we manufacture are highly resistant to thermal shock and have a long lifespan. We provide a wide range of quartz slabs of different finishes to cater to various market segments. We are one of the best quartz manufacturersin Vietnam with a modern unit that allows us to fabricate quartz slabs of any shape, thickness, and size according to the requirement of our clients.If you are looking for a highly reputable quartz slab manufacturer and supplier who can offer you premium quality slabs at amazing prices, you should contact us now. 


Welcome to Lux Quartz Vietnam

The innovative quartz surfaces producer.

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Welcome to Lux Quartz Vietnam

Quality, competitive, innovative quartz slabs factory.

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